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Colorado's Craft Brewery Membership.

The focus of Beer Fight Club has always been to bring more attention and exposure to the amazing quality of Colorado Craft Breweries through healthy competition.  Beer Fight Club was only the beginning and now we are out of the basement and into the streets with Beer Fight Club Membership.  Explore some of the best breweries in Colorado and expand your palate with member benefits, special offers and awesome deals.


Monthly member benfits include:

2 Free Beers at a participating BFC BREWERIES (2 Total Beers), 1 Free Beer at the featured BFC BREWERY of the month, 4 Twofers (2 for 1's), Discounts on all BFC Main Events, Special offers, discounts and events for BFC Members only at select BFC BREWERIES.

All of these benefits and membership is just $10.00 a month!  This is at minimum a $35.00 value for just $10 bucks!



Now you can share your favorite beer or brewery with a friend by sending them a free beer right to their phone!

Just click here to become your friend's "New" Best friend!

You do not have to be a member to use this service and neither does your friend.  Buy a friend a beer is good only for participating BFC Breweries, if your favorite brewery is not on the list tell them to get on board with BFC Membership!

Free Pours at BFC Breweries

Every month BFC Members will get free pours at participating BFC Breweries.  That's right each month you will receive 2 online coupons good for a free beer at any participating BFC Brewery.  Plus each month we will have a special featured brewery which will offer an additional free beer with your membership.

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Your BFC Membership will also include weekly Twofer (2 for 1's) offers at participating BFC Breweries so you can enjoy two beers for the price of one or bring a friend have them buy a beer and get yours for free...that's what we would do...haha!

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BFC Discounts

Tired of paying full price for beer and BFC Main Events?  BFC Members get discounts on all BFC Main Events and discounts on select beer purchases at participating BFC Breweries.  See the BFC BREWERIES page for more information.

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BFC Membership is here!

Yes it is really 3 Beers and 4 Twofers every month for just $10.00 plus a bunch of discounts and cool offers!  But if you still have questions feel free to contact us!